Improving air quality in Liverpool

Air pollution can cause serious health problems and be harmful to our children in Liverpool. Liverpool City Council and its partners are already working hard to help clear the air by creating a Clean Air Plan

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Transport and Air Quality Survey 2021

Liverpool City Council are running a public survey to gather your thoughts and opinions on Transport and Air Quality in Liverpool in 2021. Your response will be used to help inform the Clean Air Plan that is being developed to improve air quality in our city. To find out more and to take part in the survey, please click the link below.

Phase one of The Strand redevelopment – UPDATE

Phase one of The Strand redevelopment – UPDATE

  Phase one of the redevelopment of Liverpool’s waterfront gateway – The Strand – has been completed. Contractors for Liverpool City Council, who are finalising minor snagging issues, have now removed all barriers on the historic highway. Untouched in its layout...

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Air Quality

Our handy map makes it easy to see what the current and historic air pollution levels are like in your area by bringing you the very latest information from air quality monitoring conducted by Liverpool City Council and Defra.

Screenshot of live air quality map

Image above is visual only. Click link to see live map. Air quality levels in Liverpool sourced from Liverpool City Council  and Defra.
© Crown 2018 copyright Defra via, licensed under the Open Government Licence (OGL).

What is air pollution?

The air around us is made up of a collection invisible particles and gasses, some of which can damage our health. The more we know about the air we breathe, the easier it can be to protect ourselves, reduce exposure and work together to make a difference. 

Reducing and avoiding pollution

There are simple things we can all do to protect ourselves and improve air quality and, if we add everyone's contribution together, we can help clear the air.

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