Roadside Air Quality monitoring station on Edge Lane

Enviro Technology Services supply five high tech NO2 air quality monitoring stations to Liverpool City Council.

As part of a number of measures to improve air quality around Liverpool City five new air quality stations, complete with ‘reference method’ chemiluminescent Teledyne API T200 nitrogen dioxide analysers, which measure in real-time, were supplied and installed by Enviro Technology in city center locations in late October 2020. As part of an ongoing maintenance package, a 3-year service and support contract with ET was also agreed.

The five new air quality stations are located at: 

    • Liverpool East – Liverpool Edge Lane
    • Liverpool North – Liverpool Everton Valley
    • Liverpool South – Liverpool Speke Road
    • Liverpool Centre Roadside – Liverpool Lime Street
    • Liverpool Centre Background – Liverpool Clayton Square

ET’s Account Manager for the council, Paul Norman comments “The five, Teledyne T200 NOx analysers are housed in compact roadbox enclosures making them ideal for busy walkways, being less intrusive than traditional larger enclosures. Enviro Technology were excited to be a part of this project as Liverpool City Council are fully committed to improving the air that we all breathe and are working with a vast range of partners to make that happen.

Data is available to the public via this website at:

Designed to show real-time measurements on a colour coded map, the website also provides historic data of user selectable hourly mean values for NO2 / NOx at each location of the ET supplied air quality monitoring stations.

Supplied by Envitech Europe, the website also displays nearby monitoring station “Liverpool Speke” operated by the Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs as part of the national Automatic Urban Rural Network (AURN).

Air Quality

Our handy map makes it easy to see what the current and historic air pollution levels are like in your area by bringing you the very latest information from air quality monitoring conducted by Liverpool City Council and Defra.

Screenshot of live air quality map

Image above is visual only. Click link to see live map. Air quality levels in Liverpool sourced from Liverpool City Council  and Defra.
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