Information sources


Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution.

This report from the Royal College of Physicians examines the impact of exposure to air pollution across the course of a lifetime.


Air quality: a briefing for directors of public health

Directors of Public Health have a crucial role to play as leaders and influencers, shaping how local approaches can help clean up air in their area most effectively. This briefing provides the information to help Directors of Public Health consider the appropriate public health response to air pollution in their area.

Local Government Association, DEFRA, Public Health England


National Clean Air Day

An initiative of Global Action Plan a non-governmental group that focuses on improving urban air quality and therefore public health


NICE guideline [NG70] Air pollution: outdoor air quality and health


UK Air

Air quality forecasts, near real time measurement data, national modelling data as well as general information on air pollution, published research reports and reports on national compliance can be found on Defra’s Air Information Resource website – UK Air:

Report on estimates of the size of the effects of air pollution on mortality in local authority areas in the UK:



The Department of Health’s Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants (COMEAP) has published a series of reviews of the effects of air pollution on health:

Further Information (children/schools)

Air Quality in Scotland Education Links

Air Quality in Scotland has two separate educational websites aimed at children and secondary school pupils to help you learn about air pollution.


Friends of the Earth Schools’ Pack

This pack, designed in conjunction with teachers, transforms pupils (KS2) into budding scientists. It provides engaging lesson plans that take them on a journey to understand air pollution, its effects and what we can do about it. Click on the link to order your pack.


London Sustainability Exchange Cleaner Air for Schools toolkit

Cleaner Air 4 Schools programme is a curriculum based, educational investigation into air quality. Click on link below to request a copy of the toolkit.


Environmental Protection UK

Creative and practical teaching activities for Key Stages 1 and 2.


Air pollution guidance for school staff – The National Education Union


Further information (other)


Walking and cycling are proven to help your business and your workforce. People who walk or cycle will take fewer days off sick; they’ll also see a drop in obesity, heart disease and respiratory problem. They’ll even be happier, liberated from traffic queues and the inevitable quest for a parking space.

Download the business case to find out why more active travel is good for your local economy, and how your business and reputation can be enhanced by making pedal power a priority.



Comprehensive advice for business developing travel plans

(NB Swindon Borough Council but publically available online)


Air pollution affects health as much as obesity – How should business react?

Chris Large from Global Action Plan sets out how businesses can ensure they are on the right side of the air quality debate.


New vehicle checker

A tool to show you how much nitrogen oxide pollution newer cars and vans emit in real-world driving conditions and not just in lab tests:



Liverpool is part of UK100 – a network of city leaders across the UK committed to clean energy and improving the quality of the air in our cities. See:

Through UK100, Liverpool is part of the Campaign for a new Clean Air Act – calling on the UK government to take meaningful action on air pollution.