Most air pollution in Liverpool comes from cars and other vehicles not industry

Industry may have been the biggest cause of air pollution in the past, but this hasn’t been the case for a long time. Nowadays, the fact is that emissions from vehicles on our roads release the most pollution into our atmosphere.

Diesel vehicles pollute more than petrol

Diesel fuel produces four more times nitrogen dioxide and up to 30 times more particulate matter than petrol. Choosing a petrol vehicle over a diesel vehicle can significantly reduce the amount of harmful air pollution being released. Electric and hybrid vehicles are even better for air quality and for your health.

Turning your engine off when stationary does makes a difference

Research shows that air pollution levels are reduced on streets where cars have turned off their engines when stationary or parked. Turning your engine off might not seem like much, but if everyone joins in and plays their part, it can add up to cleaner air for everyone. And it doesn’t matter how old your car is, as long as it’s properly maintained, switching off should always help improve air quality and reduce your exposure to air pollution too.

You can breathe in twice as much air pollution inside your car than outside of it

Although you might think you are protected from air pollution inside your car, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you’re more likely to breathe in more air pollution when you are sitting in your car than you would walking on the street.

Everyone can be affected by air pollution

Poor air quality can harm us all and long periods of exposure can cause heart disease, strokes and hardening of the arteries. It can also increase the risk of lung cancer.

Young children are particularly vulnerable, as their lungs are still developing. As well as the elderly and those living with existing heart and lung conditions.

You Can Make a Difference

It’s easy to feel like one person can’t make a difference, but if we all do our bit and make small changes here and there, we can significantly reduce the amount of pollution we and our children breathe in each day and improve the quality of the air around us.