A diesel-free city centre fleet from 2020

Liverpool City Council is proposing radical changes to reduce the emissions of its own fleet of vehicles.

The plan is to make the majority of their vehicles that service the city centre diesel free from 2020, followed by council vehicles used across the wider city from 2024.

Work is underway to look at options, with pest control due to take delivery of electric vans, while alternative fuels are being considered for new purchases.

Liverpool’s waste management and street cleaning services provider, Liverpool Streetscene Services (LSSL) is currently sourcing Compressed Natural Gas vehicles and a number of electric sweepers, which will come into service during 2019.

The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refuse vehicles are currently under procurement and are expected to hit the city centre in April 2019.

In addition, LSSL is looking to trial electric and diesel-free street cleaning and grounds maintenance vehicles during 2019.

 Picture: Electric street sweeper on trial in Liverpool

Air Quality

Our handy map makes it easy to see what the current and historic air pollution levels are like in your area by bringing you the very latest information from air quality monitoring conducted by Liverpool City Council and Defra.

Screenshot of live air quality map

Image above is visual only. Click link to see live map. Air quality levels in Liverpool sourced from Liverpool City Council  and Defra.
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