Liverpool City Region Marks Beginning of Year of the Environment

2019 has been officially declared as the Year of the Environment for the Liverpool City Region.

The Year of Action for the Environment will be led by the Liverpool City Region’s Local Nature Partnership, Nature Connected along with the Combined Authority, its constituent local authorities, including Liverpool – the Environment Agency and Natural England, working with a broad range of partners from different sectors across the city region.

The event launches a year of activities with themes such as connecting and engaging communities with nature, reducing waste and health and wellbeing, which will give people the chance to get involved in projects that improve the natural world.

The initiative is the city region’s contribution to the national Year of Green Action, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and areas that demand action and attention, including air quality, waste levels, and the need to shift towards more sustainable use of energy.

Speaking ahead of the launch event, Steve Rotheram, said: “The Year of the Environment creates the opportunity to start a conversation on how we protect and preserve our city region’s fabulous natural resources and protects and preserves them for future generations, so that we are a place with good air quality, sustainable waste levels and clean and renewable energy. As a Combined Authority we are working towards this through our plans to create a clean, inclusive, sustainable and low carbon city region.”

Gideon Ben-Tovim, the Chair of Nature Connected and Mayoral Advisor on the Natural Environment said: “2019 will be a year of green action across Liverpool City Region where people from all backgrounds will have the opportunity to be involved in projects that improve the natural world. Our aim is to leave a better environment for the next generation to inherit and make our area one of the best places in the country to live, work and flourish.”

Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency, added: “The Year of the Environment is a fantastic opportunity to inspire people and influence change. Right from the beginning of the year the Liverpool City Region is leading the way and setting the pace for other cities and regions to follow. The Environment Agency is part of the city region and we fully support Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and Nature Connected to make 2019 a success.”

Further information about Liverpool City Region’s Year of the Environment, including a full list of activities and events planned for the year ahead, can be found at

Air Quality

Our handy map makes it easy to see what the current and historic air pollution levels are like in your area by bringing you the very latest information from air quality monitoring conducted by Liverpool City Council and Defra.

Screenshot of live air quality map

Image above is visual only. Click link to see live map. Air quality levels in Liverpool sourced from Liverpool City Council  and Defra.
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