Examining new ways to clear the air

A PUBLIC health campaign outlining the steps people can take to mitigate the impact of air pollution has been launched in Liverpool.

 Let’s Clear the Air Liverpool outlines the stark health consequences of pollution caused mainly by cars and also industry.

The aim is to encourage changes in behaviour by making small changes to significantly reduce the amount of pollution and improve the quality of the air in the city.

 Let’s Clear the Air Liverpool highlights that:

  • Children living in highly polluted areas are four times more likely to have stunted lung development which can affect their health for life
  • People breathe in twice as much pollution inside their car than they would do outside
  • Diesel exhausts contain up to 30 times more air pollution than petrol

Air pollution can worsen asthma and breathing problems, while long periods of exposure can cause heart disease, strokes, hardening of the arteries and increases the risk of lung cancer.

Dr Sandra Davies, Liverpool’s Director of Public Health, said: “The level of air pollution has a considerable impact on the health of the population of Liverpool.

“Long term exposure to air pollution contributes to deaths from heart disease and stroke and lung diseases, in combination with other risk factors, like smoking.

“It contributes to around 230 deaths per year in Liverpool. Everyone can be affected. Children, the elderly and those with heart or lung conditions are most susceptible to harm.

“There is no safe level of air pollution and any reduction in levels of pollutants is good for health.

“People can take steps to reduce their exposure by choosing to walk or cycle away from busier roads.

“Air pollution inside your car can be higher especially in slow-moving traffic, so walking can be a good way to reduce your exposure as well as improving your fitness and being good for your wellbeing.”

Work is already underway on a series of initiatives to improve air quality in the city, and more details can be found here.


Air Quality

Our handy map makes it easy to see what the current and historic air pollution levels are like in your area by bringing you the very latest information from air quality monitoring conducted by Liverpool City Council and Defra.

Screenshot of live air quality map

Image above is visual only. Click link to see live map. Air quality levels in Liverpool sourced from Liverpool City Council  and Defra.
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